#V3 Testnet Feedback# SEAMLESS USAGE 😊

The simplicity of V3 of ZK L2 solution is awesome and fantastic!

Really, ZK team has being trying to ease the Ethereum users of this gas fee burden and also to to make Ethereum usage as smooth as ever before, thanks to the team. Using the swap and minting feature of the V3 is seamless.

I would love it if there will be rarity tools for NFT on the L2 it will make the ZK L2 features unique!
The liquidity pool on the ZK L2 is a really huge idea, kudos to the ZK team for adding the liquidity pool, I hope the team will be able to integrate liquidity farming/mining and single staking for major token in their next upgrade, this will allow users of the L2 to be able to maximally utilize their tokens and liquidity pools and also draw members to L2 of ETH. It will be nice if users can be able to whitelist depositing address(es) to save the stress of copying address.

Ethereum should be a eco-system that should be friendly with it’s users, and now, people are fed up with the outrageous fees of ETH L1 which is the major cause why project migrate from Ethereum to other chains just to suit their users but if they are able to migrate and use all the futures therein L1 on the L2 making trading and transactions smooth.

I’m not a blockchain expert but in the nearest future I hope the use of L2 should be higher than the use of L1 and I will suggest blockchain experts like the ZK team develop the technology that will make Ethereum users interact with the L2 directly without having to go through the traditional migration from L1 to L2 which means reduction in gas fee.

Thanks to ZK team for trying to scale through all Ethereum applications and sub chains such as the polygon chain this will be a great length of achievement for Ethereum eco system.


#V3 Testnet Feedback#