#V3 Testnet Feedback# UX Feedback and Bugs

Hello there,
I was able to try out the payment, DEX and NFT features of the v3 testnet following the tutorial. It’s looking good – can’t wait to use this for real.

In the meantime, some feedback to help polish the final product/testing:

First of all, the v3 Tutorial had a number of confusing steps:

  • Many of the images didn’t seem to line up with the actual steps, plugins, etc.
  • Did I need to do step 2 if Faucet/Paradign deposited the test tokens for me?
  • I had a zkSync 2.0 Rinkeby Test Network vs RInkeby Test Network, which caused me some problems/confusion as well.
  • I suggest you ask a stranger in a coffee shop to follow the tutorial and you’ll see what I mean. The tutorial assumes that the user has done this a few times before and knows exactly what to do.

Chrome General:

  • A few times after connecting a wallet, there were login issues, where the page did not load and the NFT images showed spinners. This happens when I have multiple Metamask sessions open on multiple tabs and/or by having the Eth Mainnet selected on Metamask first login attempt.
  • Scrolling/Pulling up or down on the very end of pages reveals white background at the very top/bottom. Minor, but still.
  • The network Rinkeby is displayed on the nav bar with a dropdown icon, but clicking on it does nothing.
  • The globe next to English looks like another button.
  • Consider adding a highlight state to the nav buttons.
  • It’s a little disorienting to have some nav buttons open a new screen, while other buttons open just a menu. Perhaps the ones that open a menu should just choose the first option and open the menu?
  • If you have one menu open (NFT User Page), unpredictable things happen when you tap on nav menu button

Mobile Web:

  • On mobile web on iPhone Safari, the nav menus for L2 Trade don’t dismiss when tapped.
  • Some of the spacing is very tight on some of the tables despite being able to scroll horizontally.
  • Tapping the “hamburger menu” gets the user stuck or in a bug-filled experience.

L2 Wallet:

  • As mentioned previously, if you intend to get less savvy users, it might be good to have some context on what an L2 wallet is for and what you can do in this section.
  • Consider some additional copy on what each action does. For example, what does Deposit NFT, Send NFT, Withdraw NFT mean exactly?
  • The top background image with the lines is a bit overwhelming/confusing. It looks like a bug. Consider swapping this for a simpler image.


  • As mentioned previously, if you intend to get less savvy users, it might be good to have some context on NFTs on the home NFT page with what you can do in this section.
  • Sometimes the buttons in User Page gets stuck and you cannot tap on any of them.
  • Consider changing My Profile to my username?
  • After tapping User Page, clicking anywhere on screen not in the menu doesn’t dismiss the menu
  • The sub-navigation here seems a bit odd: Mint NFT button and NFT Mall button seems like they could be organized better. Perhaps NFT Mall should belong in the Discover More module and Mint NFT in the Welcome to Artist module?

Hope this helps the development team:
Address: 0x770D316957f313DFeB0b3aBab65c4eA899F39c23

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