#v3 testnet #My experience on v3

I have used zkswap, and the distribution and purchase of NFT are very smooth. I think this is the general trend in the future, and we should follow the trend. With the popularity of NFT, the future trading market will only be larger and larger. Let me talk about my ideas.

  1. NFT’s trading market has just begun. There will be a broader market space and the number of users in the future. Therefore, the performance of eth main network is far from enough to support such a large number of users. We must need layer2 solution. Zkswap is a leader in this field. At present, it is doing well. It has leading technology and good experience. I think the future prospect is very bright.

  2. At present, the use experience of zkswap can only meet my basic needs. It can make it easy for me to create NFT, and then sell it in the mall or buy other people’s NFT. However, I can’t seem to do anything else. I just watch NFT mall every day, buy and sell it. I’ll be a little tired for a long time.

  3. The last comment said that I think more playing methods can be introduced, such as auction mode. A hot NFT can have a certain time limit. Any user can make a quotation within the limited time. At the end of the auction, the user with the highest bid will buy the NFT, which will be more interesting. Another example is the lottery mode. I can offer a certain price to buy an NFT at random. In this way, I feel very happy about the lottery.

  4. In addition, there are many NFT related functions. For example, the project party can release many NFTs in the same series, or make some weapons and props in the game into NFTs for distribution. This requires zkswap team to contact developers of other projects to do it together, and it can also attract users from other communities. All this needs to be gradually expanded and made efforts in the future.

In short, I am very optimistic about the future development of NFT in this field. The market space is very large. As long as the team keeps working hard, I believe ZKS will also take off. Always believe and bless you.

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