We love Zkswap and nft opinion #ZKSwap V3 Nft#

An artist with a 20 years of career in the figurative field, I have deepened Renaissance techniques of drawing and painting and with so much determination, to date, my works are exhibited in private collections all over the world. My artistic focus was entirely centered on the artistic conception of “know-how”. This modus operandi poses many technical and above all human challenges! Currently i am focusing on nft area. Because this is the trend. With zkswap’s zero gas fee i think more users will interested in nfts area. The sources of inspiration are varied, multiple. My poetics has always been attracted and inspired by “high” references like the great masters of the past, but with regard to conceptual development I have always based on contemporary scientific theories. My phisical art production is not very quantitatively high cause the highest quality I try to put insides and all my production is sold out with a 2 years waiting list, so I knew few collectors all over the world sometimes “fight” to have it. :slight_smile:

Being so far out of my comfort zone allowed me to untie myself from my brand as a hyperrealist artist, reinterpreting myself as an artist to enter a world of extreme creativity. Creativity and production possibilities have been amplified dozens of times. If before I could follow one project at a time, now I have 16 projects in the pipeline involving institutions, start-ups and companies. Each of these projects leads me to the creation of many works: some innovative and never made by anyone before, others in collaboration with important artists. The world of NFTs does not let me sleep at night, if before I worked on my works of art 10 - 14 hours a day, now I am shifting this focus to the NFTs declinations. Obviously this side step in the NFTs world is fully supported by the work done in 20 years of career without distorting the path, but rather, amplifying the creative implications. I strongly think that regardless of the categories we need to invest in those people who demonstrate professionalism in what they do. In the specific case of an artist, it is necessary to recognize his talent, creativity and, if possible, career growth. In my specific case, I hope that my art speaks for me.
My expectations from Zkswap is please allow only quality artist. It will increase the demand of nft. Thanks

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