We want Justice #ZKSwap

Hi, I am one of the winners of ZKSwap V3 teaser campaign. But my address is missing. I dont know why. In telegram group your admin told us that we need to send layer 2 address on bot not here. That’s why i send my address on official telegram bot. But yesterday i realised admin was wrong. And i ask question about this on telegram they didn’t replied. Also they started deleting message who ask question about this. I also realised that most of the winners comes from Indonesia and admin also an indonesian who told us to send address on bot. Isn’t it looks like fishy? Do you check bot response? I am damn sure 80% winners didn’t meet the campaign requirements. They only post on forum. Even they didn’t follow twitter. Hope dev look this poins. For any campaign it is very important to fair distribution. You cannot disqualified users for your moderators mistake. Hope i’ll get an official response about this matter.
Thank you
Best of luck about V3…