What are the benefits of Web3?

Generally, Web3 possesses many Advantages, Let’s talk about the Top5 for now

  1. Data Ownership

Currently, we are using web2 where we have provided our personal data & the other end-user has complete control over the user’s data. When it comes to Web3, the user has full control of their data.

  1. Access To Data

Users can access any type of information from any location with any device. Web3 could ensure that you can connect to the internet without using your computer or smartphone.

  1. Freedom Of Interaction

Web3 allows us to interact without any restrictions. This is also one of the major criteria of the Web3 internet. This is possible due to the decentralized nature of Web3.

  1. Creators Friendly

Web3 serves as a great opportunity for content creators. They can deliver the exact details to their audiences without any negligence of the 3rd party control.

  1. Improved Security

Web3 offers next-level security with decentralization & cryptography. Yet there is a chance that Web3 could get hacked, but along with Web3 the security standards also increase.

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