What is Web 3.0?

We know about our previous type web1 & currently existing type web2, if not here is the simple definition:

  • Web 1.0 existed between the time of 1999 to 2004, when users were allowed to only read the data.
  • We are now using Web 2.0, which allows users to do both read & write functionalities. eg: uploading photos, modifying data, etc.

The major difference between web2 & web3 is that web2 is a centralized internet that lacks the privacy of users. Every user’s data will be stored on a centralized server for providing relevant data to the users. On the other hand, web3 is a decentralized internet, which does not require the full personal data of web3 users. Data will not be stolen, because it stores on blockchain technology. You can know more about Web 3.0 by reading here