ZKSpace Monthly Report——April 2022

Fellow ZK astronauts,

We are thrilled to present you with our monthly progress report for April. Firstly, we hope you have enjoyed our April Fool’s game and the Easter Egg Hunt and get your reward! Then we would like to brief you on what ZKSpace has achieved in the last month and what to expect in the following weeks.

In April, we completed the 13th ZKS token burn scheme. Around 37k ZKS tokens were burnt in April 2022. Here is the transaction detail:


We launched the ZKSpace mobile APP on Apr 14, 2022. Now you can use most DEX and NFT functions and participate in mining reward events on your phone:

More features are coming in future iterations.

Part of our dev team is currently working on the cutting-edge payment instrument, ZKSquare, to offer an option for batch payment and airdrop distribution, and solve the problem of high cost and slow confirmation of Layer 1 transfer.

As steps to optimizing the Layer 2 NFT marketplace ZKSea, we are working on a collection display feature, allowing users to showcase all the items in their collections and browse all the collections on ZKSea, including collaborative collections issued by the platform.

Finally, we are glad to announce that football star James Rodríguez will issue 1500 limited edition NFTs on ZKSea in the form of auction and mystery box! The NFTs are finely designed with memorable moments of James Rodríguez and his signature. Be sure to stay tuned and join this one-of-a-time event on time.

If you are new to Layer 2 swap and NFT, this article may help you out:

BeInCrypto: https://beincrypto.com/zkspace-a-complete-guide-to-layer-2-swap-and-nft-minting/

If you are interested, you can find ZKSpace Security Audit Report here, which was updated on May 6, 2022:

For more information, please refer to the pic below. Click to zoom out:

About ZKSpace

The all-new ZKSpace platform consists of three main parts: ZKSwap, the innovative Layer 2 AMM DEX utilizing ZK-Rollups technology, payment service ZKSquare, and an NFT minting center and marketplace called ZKSea. With an all-new-look user interface, NFT support, unimited token listing, smoother withdrawal, optimized efficiency, and multi-chain support, ZKSpace aims to implement EVM-compatible ZK-Rollups and bring the community more layer 2-based products in the near future.

Stay Tuned

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