Zkswap can improve #V3 Testnet Feedback#

Hi all,

After testing almost all the functionalities for half an hour I have observed the following problems:

Metamask with the main Ethereum network: ZKswap requests to change the network to Rinkeby, but after making the change the error message remains active. You have to close the window and refresh the page and make the connection again.

Swap: the ETH-DAI pair is not working well 1 ETH = 12.24 DAI ?. The same happens with USDT although with different values. Obviously the error may be due to the fact that it is in testing.

Withdraw: New users may not know how to modify the payment of fees because when withdrawing all the ETH the other currencies cannot be withdrawn due to the lack of ETH as a fee, it can be changed to that it can be paid with USDT or ZKS but as I mentioned It is an option that should be notified somewhere on the page as a suggestion when there is no balance of the main token for commissions.

NFT Market: With the wallet connected and unlocked when you refresh or press F5 in the browser, all functions are blocked and the system asks to unlock the wallet, but the NFT market is not blocked and allows you to buy NFT.

Tokens: The tokens option lists tokens with strange names. But the most important thing is that when entering a touch and pressing the “swap” option, the ZKSwap - The ZK-Rollups based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model. window opens, which can be dangerous for the user in the case of the testing phase.

Mining: It shows nothing.

GUI: Please add the dark mode !!

I’m going to keep testing features, but that’s all I’ve observed for now.

Thank you. Good luck to all.

My wallet: 0xb8c409BbDCA3D1f100663ad80c36197109B7979e