ZKSwap Giving Away 50,000 ZKS to V3 Testnet Users

I think zkswap swapping lives you u happy swapping is actually at it peak and impressed every coin I swapped apparently worked

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#V3 Testnet Feedback# words of experience

mywallet: 0xA9EC7Bec348489bE1829934B53b0AC38d71100cb

I found this to be a very cool project on NFTs.
However, I have some ideas to contribute to the project:

#V3 Testnet Feedback#

My L2 address tested the following :0x919eF375b3B26ff90E963366F8F0ca674f0D9CF9
I have comment:

  1. Faucet did not work so I had to use another one. It appears faucet was “pending” so I had to find a different Rinkeby faucet. This made testing difficult due to low amounts of ETH
  2. Deposit worked fine, fast and seamless interface
  3. Mint NFT feature worked quickly; easy to use and appeared to be fairly low fees to do this
  4. List NFT for sale also worked well however I want to suggest a feature that you can change the price after you post it for sale. Is that possible?
  5. Buying an NFT worked easily except b/c of low ETH balance in TestNet, difficult to buy most NFT.
  6. Swap worked fine except the valuations are way off, so it makes the testing feel like its wrong.
  7. Add liquidity failed - I tried to add ZKS and ETH and I had the fees set to ZKS. No matter what combinations I tried, this failed. I had the right amount of ZKS to pay the fees. The error message appeared in Chinese/Japanese characters? Hard to tell - it just ‘failed’ with no warning. This needs fixed.
  8. I tried to send ETH and ZKS to another L2 address. This also failed with a warning in Chinese/Japanese(?) so I am confused what went wrong.

5.1 Feedback for buy NFT:

  • Need way to filter NFTs - especially by price or some tag feature

#V3 Testnet Feedback#

Great job by the team! Submitted my review here: My V3 testnet experience

#V3 Testnet Feedback#
L2 Address : 0x752F6F0E9804f047CB798E54CDEd8CCd202Eda00

I have to say i’m very impressed with how fast the experience is! I like the UI and the easiness to use all the functionalities.
It was a bit difficult to get a working faucet and to make the transfer so I could mint a NFT. The minting process was also very fast, smooth and easy going When you are used to ETH, you are so happy to have low latency and low gas fee. I didn’t have to make coffee to get the transaction done for once :wink:
I’m really looking forward using it in a real world (mainnet) and use L2 instead of L1 which in it’s current state is far to slow and expensive for small wallets.

As a MVP, I would say you are all set. In the future, it could be worth adding some new functionalities.
For instance, I could’t find a dashboard to see the assets I put in the liquidity pool. I would be interesting in getting the fees that I have earned and an evolution of my assets.
I would also add a night mode, since my eyes are fragiles…I like when it’s dark !

I haven’t tried the Mobile APP so I don’t know whether this is working well and responsive as it should be.
I also see that only English is supported so far, so I hope you will be able to get other languages so it becomes even more mainstream.
Something also I really appreciate is the presence of Wiki and Forum, so we have all the right resources to find what we are looking for.

I hope all my feedbacks will help you to improve the platform and add new functionalities. I have to say that you have done an excellent work, so please keep up!

Here is my tweet about it :smile: https://twitter.com/miouppy/status/1468150322656952322

#V3 Testnet Feedback#
This is my first test. So i read the document carefully.
Problem 1: unable to receive ETH on my metamask wallet on the Rinkeby test network. Was able to revceive ETH on the Goerli test network.
Problem 2: unable to receive USDT and ZKS from ‘https://faucet.zks.org/’. Waited several hours but didn’t receive any credit on my metamask wallet.

So I only did receive some ETH on my wallet on the Goerli test network.

So my testing was limited to bring my test tokens from layer 1 to layer 2. No problem at all.
Then, linked on the Goerli network, I wanted to mint or buy an NFT. But this was impossible to insufficient balance. Had about 10 to 15 ETH. Gas fee was about 70 to 100 ETH :wink:
So my testing was very limited. Maybe you could check again why not everyone is possible to connect to the Rinkeby network and receive tokens for testing. The Goerli network was not possible for me to do a complete test.

Hop I get an answer that maybe can help me to test further.

Update 1:
Tried everything on another PC (new metamask wallet), but the problem comes back at the moment that I cannot unlock my wallet while on the Rinkeby test network. It does unlock while on the Goerli test network. Tried it on several browsers (Edge, Chrome and Brave).

My wallet addres: 0xD59606fc9403Cf80FED00FE6a74C5F9901820c75

#V3 Testnet Feedback#
1. Requesting test tokens and the whole interface experience was smooth, and user friendly, I was able to swap tokens back and forth seamlessly, the transaction fee was very much pocket friendly and the ease with which it interacts with metamask wallet is top notch.

2. Depositing ETH from eth mainet to L2 ; was seamless took some 3 - 4 mins to be confirmed on L2, which can be improved on although the main net gas fee was outrageous :sweat_smile: .

3. Minting NFTs on the platform was straight forward once the CID of the said NFT is available and also for a pocket friendly transaction fee.

4. Adding of contacts was a cool feature for ease of sending tokens to contacts and regular business associates.
5. The user interface of the zigzag trading platform was beautiful, and swapping of ETH and stables pairs was seamless, great experience for a $1 fee. However some functions are not yet there, eg. the limit order and bridge. Apart from having a great UI, I would love to see the amount or volume of token( ie exact worth of the said token at a given price the token is trading at) that the user is willing to buy, the resulting balance of the user if he/she should sign the transaction.

Overall view , it was a very great test experience and a lot of promise for the ZKSwap V3, and a bright future on the ZKS main net. I am proud to be part of this incredible journey. Thank you :smiley: .

L2 WALLET ADDRESS: 0xbCBB4a1E8BF8533A79fDd859Dc0a59c5Fa913Bdb

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Here is my twitter post :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am also having issues with faucet to get the tokens, where do you solve this?

it just needs a Dark theme. thats all.
:v:t3: :v:t3:

Hello to all :smile: , I try and is super fast. I have some truble with depositing ,my firs deposit was stuck and when I make another everything loks good. I buy working NFT , I am fireman but bouth welding NFT :smile:

Wow wow wow! I’m blown away. The zkswap testnet feature is mind blowing. I enjoyed all features. Even up to the liquidity pool. It was seamless From the faucet to the swap and the NFT minting. Minted a picture of myself and put it up for sale. You can find it with the name broAktim.

Looking forward to the mainnet launch.

My wallet address is


#V3TestnetFeedback #V3 #english:zkswap-improvement-proposal #ZKswap
Trying to give honest feedback here to help ZK swap grow!

Initial thoughts were that this felt highly buggy - user interface didn’t come across entirely clear and took me some time to get used to. The site repeatedly requested me to unlock wallet on every page I come across. Had to unlock wallet around 3 times on every page for it to start working fluidly. Eventually it did start working fluidly and it felt like metamask and ZKSwap were finally talking to each other consistently. Not sure what the bug here is specifically but it felt frustrating nonetheless.

There needs to be a character count under mint NFT section description, at the moment it just says 20 characters and is super ambiguous as it wasn’t clear which part of NFT description I needed to edit. (A noob user will struggle to know exactly what needs editing)

Direct link on original website to ZKSwap - The ZK-Rollups based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model. could be more clear. Perhaps use the term “create NFT” instead of “mint”. Bit of a catch 22 here as create NFT - is an invitation for artists to do what they do best and fills me with excitement but mint implies perhaps a more financial gain? I appreciate both do the same thing and indicate the same end point resolution however I think verbage is really important.

Whilst minting NFT:
Should inform me earlier that I need eth to mint NFT, instead only informed me after I attempted to mint once I had completed ALL fields for NFT description etc.

When clicking MINT NFT - nothing happened at first (as declaration was not obvious), also for some reason in NFT mall, NFTs take substantial amount of time to load - constant loading wheels displayed. This page also repeatedly requested to connect to wallet so this created barriers in my journey to mint.

When attempting NFT mint with insufficient funds it just says “you have insufficient balance in your L2 wallet” but doesn’t specify which token they’re referring to. It would be clearer to specify I need more eth or zks. I figured this out nonetheless but the less work we create for users - the better!

Declaration at bottom of NFTs could be more obvious, every single time I’ve used the page I’ve missed the declaration and ended up checking every field in NFT description to see what I’ve missed and it turns out I was just overlooking the declaration every time.

Actual MINT process was clear and worked fine to execution and NFT seems to hold properties and traits well.

L2 Swap feed back - swap speed is outstanding and super clear. Very impressed with this side. Had no issues with slippage and transaction notifications were fantastic also.

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/billy_vanhalen/status/1468522737643794438?s=20

Eth Address: 0x7b923AaB6126b5F09b141e9cB4fd41bFaA6A4bB2

Example of loading wheel chronically loading - requiring user to refresh entire page so image can load through.

This happened on the NFT Mall page -

#V3 Testnet Feedback#
Hi all! An obligation of appreciation is all together for your persevering exertion.
The all around arranged interface is helpful. All trades completed quickly and the real appraisal without a singular slip-up. Assuming no one really cares either way, add more lingos and faint point. The central concern that I couldn’t do was add liquidity, I wanted more for Transaction Fee.

Starting considerations were that this felt exceptionally buggy - UI didn’t go over totally clear and set aside me some effort to become accustomed to. The site over and again mentioned me to open wallet on each page I go over. Needed to open wallet multiple times on each page for it to begin working smoothly. At last it began working smoothly and it seemed like metamask and ZKSwap were at last conversing with one another reliably. Not certain what the bug here is explicitly but rather it felt baffling regardless.

There should be a person count under mint NFT area portrayal, right now it simply says 20 characters and is really questionable as it wasn’t clear what part of NFT depiction I expected to alter. (A noob client will battle to know precisely what needs altering).

The UI of the crisscross exchanging stage was lovely, and trading of ETH and pens sets was consistent, extraordinary experience for a $1 expense. Anyway a few capacities are not yet there, eg. the cutoff request and extension. Aside from having an extraordinary UI, I couldn’t imagine anything better than to see the sum or volume of token( ie accurate worth of the said token at a given value the token is exchanging at) that the client will purchase, the subsequent equilibrium of the client if he/she should sign the exchange.

In general view , it was an exceptionally extraordinary test insight and a great deal of guarantee for the ZKSwap V3, and a brilliant future on the ZKS principle net. I’m glad to be essential for this fantastic excursion. Much obliged to you

wallet: 0xf76DD8Cf43B4bDd9C31AD91c869f003b40F07E75

#V3 Testnet Feedback#
This is my first feedback about a crypto platform, so be gentle :wink:

I read the tutorial carefully.
The items I encountered where:

  1. Was unable to receive test tokens in my metamask wallet on the Rinkeby test network. But was able to receive some test tokens on the Goerli test network.
  2. Deposit tokens from layer 1 to layer 2 was simple and fast.
  3. When trying to mint a NFT I encountered the problem of insufficient balance. I have about 25 ETH and was not able to mint an NFT.
  4. Buying an NFT was also not possible. Simply beacause I swa gas fees between 100 and 500 ETH.
  5. So with my 25 ETH I was unable to test minting and buying an NFT.

I don’t know how to gas fees will be when ZKSwap V3 goes live, but I really hope the gas fees will not be a problem as I encountered in testing.
So I hope I could bring some usefull info :wink:

My ETH wallet address: 0xD59606fc9403Cf80FED00FE6a74C5F9901820c75

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#V3 Testnet Feedback#.

Downloaded the app as new user. Check out the interface and was so easy for my to navigate through. Then I tried using it to swap some token and it was okay. Yet to try minting of NFT.

My L2 address

I’ve tested and everything is fine, although there is some issue with withdrawing to L1 because after a few minutes any funds did not come, maybe it has to be some longer time. Another issue is about NFT mall - there should be some kind of search engine, it is horrible back to the 1-st page every time and there is no any kind of filters - it’s something that has to be changed. Rest is rather intuitive.

L2 0x34224315D978b48686242cEE16E4fcCD3aDdf952