#ZKSwap Rebranding# An interesting idea for #rebranding

Hello, forum members.

I want to tell you about my idea for rebranding ZKSwap. The idea is based on the circular motion of the vortex, as a symbol of something fast, suggestive of a very high speed. That’s how I decided to name the project - SWIRL :tornado: In the logo, I suggest using the circular spelling SWIRL FINANCE, in the style of swirl. The central circle symbolically shows the center into which the twisting takes place. I think it would be great to make the logo dynamic and add movement. But the movement should not be linear, but occur at a changing speed. The inscription goes out, stretching in a circle, like a spring. A linear movement occurs for a few seconds, then the beginning of the phrase begins to accelerate (while the end of the phrase moves at the same speed) and catches up with the end of the phrase. The beginning catches up with the end and the phrase is compressed like a spring until the beginning and the end come close enough to become one. As soon as the phrase has completely disappeared, at the same moment the phrase quickly leaves again, stretching like a spring and begins to move linearly. This is a looped action and it comes constantly.

I hope I managed to explain my idea clearly. I will attach to this message some of my visual works that will help to explain clearly what I wrote above. I have done several works in different color palettes. On a white background, the idea is pure. Pale light green and purple is just my experiment :crazy_face: A crazy combination that makes you refresh your thoughts in your head! I also did one job with a satellite photo to show clearly the emotions inherent in this logo.

( 0x1f44ab5CBDe82281b5d8212b52fE4b96a8D680C1 )