#ZKSwap Rebranding# Magic rebrending


I have been following the project for a long time and am truly involved in the process. I want to thank the ZKSwap team for a great way of communicating with my community. It seems to me especially valuable that the team learns the opinion of adherents and people who care about the fate of the project. It means a lot to us, believe me. It’s nice to know that our opinion is not indifferent.

Rebranding is a very risky and exciting moment. After all, it is not always clear how long-time users will react, how this will help attract new ones. But I think the risk is justified. The more moves are made for their promotion, the greater the chance of success.

I want to offer you my own version of the name of the new brand. I tried to use the theory of associations when choosing a name. Everyone is so tired of huge spending on the ETHEREUM network, but there is a L2 for comfortable use, instant swap, no gas fees, low commissions, NFT support. All this is easy and relaxed, like magic. Voila and done! This is part of the name - Voila Swap.

I decided to make a layout on which I tried to display my vision of the logo. Of course, this is not the final and not the only option, it just shows the basic essence. Of course, high-class designers should work on such things, but I think the presence of a magic wand is mandatory :woman_mage:

I also believe that with the release of v3, it is necessary to connect more large exchanges and enter new markets. Everyone should learn about ZKSwap in an updated form. It’s not fair to hide it from others :grinning:

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