#ZKSwap Rebranding# My approach to forming a new brand

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I would like to warmly welcome and congratulate everyone on the significant event that is coming and in which you and I were lucky enough to take part. Of course, I’m talking about rebranding and soon upgrading to ZKSwap V3. Rebranding is an important marketing task aimed at distinguishing a company from competitors. The market values the original approach and does not encourage secondary products.

I take this event with the utmost seriousness. It is difficult to imagine what a burden of responsibility now lies on the team, which will have to rename its brainchild, the fruit of its developments and time spent. I think the community will support your initiatives and will be there at such an important time for all of us.

Branding elements
The brand is built from several components:

  • concept (main idea)
  • corporate identity
  • logo
  • font
  • color scheme

Let’s take it in order.

The new name I propose is Colibri. The concept is based on a small hummingbird bird. Everyone knows how nimble and fast she is. The association that this bird causes is easily predictable.

Corporate identity
Corporate identity, or identity, allows you to distinguish a company from similar products. That is, by looking at the logo, the combination of colors and the familiar font, the client immediately recognizes our company.

The logo depicts a hummingbird bird. Visually light and friendly.

I chose Poor Richard. It is thin and neat, which fits into our concept. At the same time, there is playfulness and charm in the lines.

Color scheme
I use blue and its shades. According to many studies, it is this color in the interface that best disposes a person. That is why the logotypes of many giants are made in this color (facebook for example)