#ZKSwap Rebranding# My review of the rebranding of ZKSwap

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I learned about the event from the telegram group and decided to participate by offering my own option for renaming the company.

:pushpin: My rebranding suggestion: OneTapSwap
It implies the possible use of writing in the form of 1tapSwap

The main idea that I used for my rebranding was an interesting combination of rhyming words tap and swap. The phrase immediately makes clear the credo of the service - to simplify the user’s experience as much as possible, literally to “one click”.

Stylistically, I decided to go back to the basics and use pixel graphics, this adds its own atmosphere and can be used in many elements of the design and corporate identity of the company. Perhaps on the eve of the release of v3, the team will consider the option of releasing NFT for the community with a character based on SuperMario, which will become the company’s signature mascot :man_mechanic:

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