#ZKSwap Rebranding# my vision of rebranding #ZKSWAP

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I’ve been waiting for a renaming for a long time (don’t be offended by the fans of the old name) ZKSwap is too unfriendly, it sounds like some kind of charade, if a person doesn’t ask why the brand is called that, he may even guess. Thinking about the ideas of rebranding ZKSwap, I focused on the smartphone apps that we use every day. They are specially made friendly and simplified to make it convenient for the user to interact with the application. The same can be said about the name. If we turn to the catalogues of popular applications again, we will be able to notice that many top brands use short and memorable “nicknames” of applications (for example, Shazam). ZKSwap needs to move away from complicated and poorly pronounced abbreviations and join the ranks of popular services installed on every second smartphone :nerd_face:

I suggest using the new name of the Ready/Ready Swap campaign
Ready is a very friendly name, easy to pronounce and easy to read. It also carries a clearly inherent meaning - a constant willingness to satisfy all the desires of the user. This is not some incomprehensible Leg Swap or Arm Swap, Armpit Swap… When I see the names of DeFi services, I sometimes laugh, and sometimes I feel puzzled. There is a feeling that they open the dictionary and choose a random word on the first page they come across :rofl: :rofl: