#ZKSwap Rebranding# New Brand Name

According to statistics shared by Feedvisor, 74% of consumers consider the brand name an important factor when choosing a product, and 59% called the name a very important factor. So rebranding and a more thoughtful attitude with the company name is a great way to attract attention to yourself and conduct a strong marketing campaign. ZKSwap understands this perfectly well, I think that’s why the decision was made to rebrand/ renaming.

I think the name ZKSwap fully reflects the very technical essence of the project, but it is a recognizable brand only for those who are “in the subject”. Now is the time when more and more newcomers come to the crypt, who are used to using convenient and understandable applications on their mobile devices. The level of convenience of such applications dictates its own rules in the market, a high-level project should be understandable to any user. This is the only way to win the hearts of a huge number of people, regardless of the experience they have.

The project needs a name that would be in harmony with the basic principles of its work and would be interesting and intuitive to the user. I thought for a long time and went through various options, even asked my sister to help me. I had a lot of interesting options, for example “ChopChop”, which means “fast”. I really liked this option, the creative name, the interesting subtext. But the fact is that the $CHOP token already exists. It’s silly to offer existing options, even though they are very interesting from a marketing point of view. But it still seems non-unique. As a result, a few days later, I found what I was looking for. The name CONTACT seemed to me a little trivial at first. I thought - well, isn’t there such a token? I checked and it turned out that there was no. After a little reflection on this name, I began to like it more and more. As a result, I realized that this is exactly the option that is needed. It reflects the primary essence of all decentralized platforms, all participants are decentralized, but it is in this place that their contact takes place. Contact between participants and networks.

:exclamation:I would also like to take this opportunity to express my opinion on the support of new networks. I believe that new bridges with other networks besides ETH and BSC are needed. These should be the next steps that will help the project.

My address: 0xAC14727c3eC0cFD042BE966374040c677231f6A5

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