#ZKSwap Rebranding# Unique brand for a unique project!

I am glad to hear the news that ZKSwap has decided to rebrand. Firstly, the name ZKSwap is similar to ZKSynk, this is not critical, because the projects are based on ZK Proof technologies. Secondly, it means that the project is working on its marketing, which is no less important than technical work. The project needs a new audience and I expect that the marketing moves that will be taken will help make the updated product the most popular in its segment. Also, NFT support is very important for success today.

Why is the question of the name so important?
The name of the service affects its recognition, as well as demand and consumer confidence. It distinguishes the company from competitors and makes it clear why the choice should be made in its favor. Creating such a memorable name became my task.

The legendary Steve Jobs, who is himself a brand person, expressed an interesting thought about branding:

We need to make it very clear that people need to know about us.

I decided to use this principle when creating a new brand for ZKSwap. This is a unique product that combines all the latest achievements that solve a number of acute problems. What do people need to know about us? That we are unique. We are UNICA. Welcome to the future!

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