#ZKSwap V3 NFT# My review about NFT and Layer2

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Hello! I wrote my review hoping to tell you about NFT as I see it. And I would also like to talk about how ZKSwap V3 and layer2 can help bring gaming to a new level. The fact is that for many years I have been interested in creating games, this is not my main profession, but I am deeply immersed in the world of game design and 3D modeling. I believe that a new stage in the development of the gaming industry will be NFT games that solve the problems of modern games and offer new models of user interaction with game worlds.

A number of issues have been brewing in the gaming industry for a long time, which were considered unsolvable and no one even asked questions about their solution. More and more gamers are facing problems that make them want to return to their favorite games less and less. And the new ones only repel, instead of attracting. Among the main problems of game projects are the following:

  • Isolation within a single platform
    For example, a gamer wants to play a game. He has two options: buy in the Ubisoft Store or on Steam. He will play where he bought it, there is no other option. Players have been trying for many years to win back the ability of corporations to migrate progress between platforms, but so far to no avail.

  • Vulnerability to hacking
    A black market has long been formed around the Fortnite game, with an audience of about 10 million gamers. Hackers hack accounts and sell either the accounts themselves or their valuable items.

  • Ban players
    The technology of tracking the cheating of players has been used for a long time. Anyone who violates the rules is deservedly banned. But there are also mistakes: honest players get banned, who pump characters, spend time, effort and money on the game. This also happens and it is very difficult to prove your innocence.

  • Lack of connection with the real world
    Usually games create their own universe, which has nothing to do with real life and the player himself. The principle of “passed - forgot” applies to most games.

  • Donates kill games
    Today, developers are clearly focused on donates inside games, instead of improvements, bug fixes and the development of the universe. In some games, there is simply no choice and players have to invest real money to achieve game progress.

In NFT games, the universe evolves with or without a player: it’s like an online game, but with stronger dynamics and radical changes within the game world. Examples of interesting games using the mechanics of nonfungible tokens are Crypto Kombat, Sorare and Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is used not only for entertainment purposes, but also for earnings. The project was supported by many large companies, including Binance and Samsung.

These projects managed to solve some of the “pains” of the classic gaming industry through the use of NFT and blockchain. Among the achievements of crypto games:

  • Multiplatform
    One wallet is suitable for all games. You just need to connect and you can play right away.

  • Security
    The process of generating new blocks is built in such a way that it is almost impossible to crack it.

  • Fair prices determined only by the players

  • Lack of censorship
    It is impossible to block access to the blockchain.

  • Connection with the real world
    Achievements and items in the game really belong to you, they can be bought and sold to other players. The player can exchange what he does not need for what he needs. The player can also make money on deals.

Blockchain for developers is still in its infancy and is beginning to develop its potential. But right now it allows developers to explore new horizons in an almost unlimited and extensive infrastructure, complement VR and AR, and create previously impossible projects. Blockchain brings to the gaming industry the right of digital property, real protection of data and property of players. In-game items of blockchain games are valued not only by players, but also by collectors and represent property at web auctions.

For the successful development of the NFT games ecosystem, solutions are needed to overcome the scalability problems of the Ethereum network. ZKSwap layer2 should become one of such advanced solutions. The fact that Ethereum is not suitable for modern games is no secret - expensive gas, slow operation of the blockchain. A game with an NFT token can have hundreds of changes per day. It may happen that drinking a can of soda in the game will be more expensive than in real life. Due to the high price of gas. Sorry)

Layer2 is the future of NFT. I am very glad that the ZKSwap team understands this. I think an NFT platform with an excellent multiplatform DeFi on board is capable of making a step towards NFT games. To become a place of concentration of people who are fond of such games. Layer2 will help them easily exchange the items they need, buy and sell their skills, swords, armor and rare items.