#ZKSwap V3 NFT# New digital reality is just around the corner

When I first saw the abbreviation NFT and the accompanying five-digit dollar amounts in the news, I thought: “Oh, brave new world. It never ceases to amaze.” The debut attempt to figure out what it is was not successful, and I began to postpone this analysis until tomorrow, which could never have come if these three letters had not started appearing in the same sentence with the names of The Weeknd, Kantemir Balagov, Takashi Murakami and Elon Musk. Comical headlines like “Khabib Nurmagomedov is leaving the UFC for NFT” only fueled interest, but when a new blockchain trend touched the fashion industry, I realized that it was no longer possible to pull.

I thoroughly studied the issue, since there were already enough articles and information at that time, and tried to “screw up” one of my works. I immediately ran into an obstacle - a fairly high price for gas. Since resources are limited (it takes time and electricity), gas is taken to conduct those transactions for which they will be paid a more favorable commission. This leads to an increase in prices. At the very beginning, the price was very small (about a couple of dollars), but now, due to increased popularity, it reaches 50-100 dollars per transaction.

Personally, I just recently started my career as an artist, and I don’t have many resources to attract attention yet. Therefore, I will not give up trying to sell some of my works as NFT. I would like to work with ZKSwap to host my works. I assume that in cooperation with ZKBox, a powerful marketplace will be created, which will serve as a self-realization tool for young artists. I think ZKSwap will help me find a different kind of buyers than in the traditional art market, because video art and animation are content that is more difficult to sell to art dealers and museums, but it is just very successful on NFT sites.

NFT work by Takashi Murakami:

NFTs are not-fungible in fashion, but they raise a lot of questions for luxury fashion brands. Will the crypto-rich, mostly young men, be interested in NFT in luxury fashion? What will they look like and will buyers benefit from them in any way? Will they dilute the brand? And will the complexity of setting up cryptocurrency wallets be too much of a problem for luxury consumers?

I think these problems will be eliminated or their impact will be minimized. Recently, I was surprised at how far this has progressed in the field of design. During Paris Fashion Week, designer CLARA DAGUIN “put on” a digital version of her design Jacquard by Google, created as a result of a partnership with the DressX digital clothing market, on Instagram. A viral video published by the digital sneakers company Rtfkt, the brand “digital Supreme”, showed that people wear fancy down jackets on a crowded street in Paris.

Be sure to watch the video, at the link below :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Ethereum was the first blockchain ever created that allowed the use of NFT. But he eventually had a problem. It lies in scalability. During heavy loads, the blockchain is literally overloaded. Ethereum uses PoW as a consensus. This technology requires a lot of energy, and therefore leaves a serious carbon footprint. During this year, we could observe the wave that hit the PoW blockchains on the part of conservationists. Layer 2 solves the problem of high transaction costs and slow transaction speeds, essentially combining all transactions that occur on the ZKSwap platform, and then writes them to Layer 1 (Ethereum).

I would like to believe that ZKSwap V3 NFT will help solve such an acute problem. The project will allow the final buyer to reduce the time before the acquisition of the asset and reduce costs, which will lead to a reduction in harmful substances into the atmosphere.

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