#ZKSwap V3 Nft# Nft features will be huge

Personal experience, trading history, opinion :

First i saw that crypto punk nft were sold at over 6millions. Then i started learning more about nft. What is nft. I found a lot of resources about nft. Then i realize this is really a cool. It’s unique and unreplacable thats why most of people like it. Then i started my nft trading. I am also a digital artist who mint more than 50nft. But unfortunately i didn’t list them on marketplace because of high gas fee.
Nft vision, problem to solve : everyone know it’s unique it has a future. Who Doesn’t unique? Everyone loves. That why the vision of nft so clear it has a great future. But some problem to solve It’s original artist and art. If it solve everything will be ok
Expect : please add more feature like rating. If rrating enable for nft. Any user will find high quality nft.