#ZKSwap V3 #NFT propose

ZKSwap has been in use since the beginning and has been a staunch and vocal supporter. I’m glad to see you keep going strong. V3 proved this to me and I like your direction very much.

The idea of NFT ** features ** will be the future of many things in the future. So far, the focus has been on art of dubious value in many cases. As the market matures, there will be more and better use cases for NFT. Uniswap has already shown what NFT V3 can go in, and there are sure to be many things called NFT in the near future.

The development of effective L2 for NFT is a missing piece in the current market setup. Since a large proportion of NFT is traded on L1 ETH, astronomical gas charges exclude many market participants. So V3 of NFT-focused ZKSwap will solve this problem – I’m actually surprised that other L2 solutions aren’t thinking in the same direction. However, I’m happy to see ZKSwap once again being a pioneer in this space.

Big congratulations to Zkswap V3. It’s nice to see the final developers focusing on NFT.
I recently started trading NFT because I didn’t find so many articles about it for the first time. I first learned about NFT through binance research. I learned more about NFT there, which is a real life use case. And THEN I realized that this was the future of digital art. My vision and vision for NFT is so clear. There will be no physical art in the future, only digital art. Therefore, it is important to focus on NFT. Since Zkswap is focused on NFT and plans to launch the NFT market through ZkBox, I think they should focus on NFT quality such as graphics, content, video or art quality, artist quality. Because without it it’s hard to prosper in the long run
Unanswered questions One thing I’m not clear about is how the migration of NFT from L1 to L2 would work on a technical basis. In an ideal world, transferring NFT between layers (or even protocols) would be as simple as sending tokens. However, as METIS nicely illustrated recently, things get more complicated with NFT (link: Cross-layer bridging NFT. Pavel Sinelnikov | MetisDAO | | in September 2021] (Bridging NFTs across layers. By Pavel Sinelnikov | by MetisDAO | Sep, 2021 | Medium))
Also, integration with other L2 solutions would be a great feature if I were dreaming here. This will eliminate the need for users to incur gas charges each time they go from L2 to L1 and then back to L2.
Overall, I am very excited that ZKSwap is developing V3 on ETH and focusing on NFT. I feel this is a better use of your programming resources than putting more effort into BSC L2 (gas prices on BSC are negligible compared to ETH, so L2 use cases on BSC are much weaker). In my opinion, it’s better to focus on ETH.
In the end, I think more marketing would be good for ZKSwap, especially focusing on some of the more prominent DEX listings. In my opinion, ZKSwap technology seems to be superior to other L2 solutions, but its position in the market has yet to be improved.