#ZKSwap V3 NFT# Thoughts on the use of NFT tokens in the near future and how #ZKS will help in this

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Hello ZKS NFT Nation) I am so excited about the news about ZKS v3 and the collaboration with ZKBox. NFT is an evolution of a relatively simple concept of cryptocurrencies. It’s great that ZKS is one of the first to occupy the market of full-fledged DeFi + NFT integration :handshake:

:dollar: Modern financial systems consist of complex trading and loan systems for various types of assets, ranging from real estate to loan contracts and works of art. Providing a digital representation of physical assets. NFT is a step forward in rethinking this infrastructure.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of NFT is market efficiency. Converting a physical asset into a digital one simplifies processes and eliminates intermediaries. NFTs representing digital or physical works of art on the blockchain eliminate the need for agents and allow artists to connect directly with their audience. They can also improve business processes. For example, an NFT for a wine bottle :champagne: will simplify the interaction of various participants in the supply chain with it and help track its origin, production and sale throughout the entire process. Imagine that collectors will be able to buy rare bottles of wine directly on the ZKBox marketplace. Or a house on the lake shore :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

For example, WiV Technology is currently implementing NFT in the world of wine. The company cooperates with wine producers, distributors and traders around the world to bridge the gap between archaic and new markets.

But there is a peculiarity in using this technology. This can’t be called a disadvantage or a problem, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. To come to the bank and withdraw money, it is not necessary to understand how the bank works. It is enough to know the password from the card, have legs and learn a number of simple manipulations with an ATM. In any case, there are people who are deeply versed in the topic, and there are those who simply use the system without particularly immersing themselves in how it works. But in NFT, almost everyone has to figure out what a blockchain is, at least at an elementary level. After all, it is necessary to answer something to the grandmother’s question: “And what is NFT?”:older_woman: But thanks to ZKSwap and ZKBox, NFT technology will become available to a lot of people.

I’m really looking forward to reducing the cost of gas when using NFT on layer2. I believe that it is necessary to transfer NFT tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain to the layer2 ecosystem of solutions. I expect to reduce gas consumption by the main network.

Keep my meme for a good mood :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

#ZKSwap V3 NFT#

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