#ZKSwap V3 NFT# ZKS NFT. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow

Recently, news has been heard every now and then: another virtual picture or meme was sold at an auction for NFT tokens. It seems that the era of the pixel has arrived in the technological world. I think it’s good that ZKSWAP understands this and keeps up with the times.

NFT is a digital certificate that contains all the information about a certain unique object, an analogue of copyright. Thus, by buying, selling, exchanging our goods, we can confirm our rights to it. In fact, by manipulating the NFT token, we perform an operation with the object itself, the product.

For example, if you tokenize a plane ticket, then it will contain the name, surname, place, date and time of boarding and departure. And each token will differ from all the others by “embedded” data, that is, it will be NFT - non-fungible.

The most common application of NFT is art and digital avatars. A good example is cryptopanks. These are such pictures with the image of a face drawn in a specific Digital Art format. They appeared a few years ago. At first they were distributed for free, but at some point people saw that cryptopanks have different characteristics that are repeated more often or less often.

One is a punk with a hat, another has a pipe in his mouth, the third is a punk with a mustache. In the community of cryptopunk fans, there was a desire to collect pictures with punks of a certain category - conditionally, cryptopanks in hats As an analogy, he can give an example of Turbo gum inserts, which schoolchildren collected and changed in the early 1990s.


Nowadays, there are already quite a few platforms for trading NFT. But this market is still young and it has a long way to go. ZKSWAP is one of the leaders of this race, which breaks into the market at an early stage. ZKSWAP is guaranteed to have a good potential for development, because it is a LAYER2 for ETHEREUM. It is this approach to solving the main problems associated with NFT that is the most correct at the moment.

I think ZKSWAP V3 NFT should be the focus of the NFT infrastructure. In many countries, asset tokenization is still not well developed due to an undeveloped legislative framework. However, in many countries, the innovative method of digitizing property rights is gaining popularity. Since almost all human spheres eventually lend themselves to digitization, the digitalization of property rights is a matter of time. We are on the threshold of a trend that is already the daily norm in some jurisdictions.


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