#ZKSwap V3 #NFTidea

I just heard that ZKswap V3 will support NFT. As a fan of NFT, this is big news to me. For that, I really appreciate it. Because NFT is currently the hottest topic in the blockchain world. I first created my NFT on rarity. It’s a great feeling. Because I haven’t experienced it. I watched some YouTube videos and created my first NFT. Two months later, MY NFT was successfully sold at 0.9 ETH. I remember these days. I’m currently trading on the new pancake NFT market.

The current NFT market still has manH problems. I think these issues will be addressed in ZKSwap V3. It would be great if it happened

The Nft vision is so big. Because every digital artist is focused on NFT. Many footballers have also started selling their photos as NFT. So NFT certainly has a bright future.

Zkswap V3 should be user friendly. It shouldn’t change a lot of things. Because any website UI will attract more users.

History is written in the NFT industry and this will be an experience for me. I have experience in the NFT industry because the interest level is very good.

Having this NFT feature will make it easier for me personally to understand the project better. I’ve known about this project for a long time because it was developed very quickly and precisely.

I hope I can do this comfortably and safely in this NFT feature.

Trading Experience:

My personal experience with NFT is too good. I started trading NFT in April. Because I use more than a dozen platforms to trade

Nft vision: There is no doubt that Nft will lead digital art in the near future. Nft is the future of all art. Without NFT, no project will prosper in the long run.

It was a brave decision for Zkswap to launch V3 and add nFT-supported features. Nft is the hottest topic in the crypto world right now. During my NFT journey, I traded, minted and bought and sold large amounts of NFT. This is the future of cryptocurrencies. My advice and expectations for V3 are very simple. I like the V2 version of Zkswap, it doesn’t matter. But in order to be more successful, V3 is really necessary for NFT, it’s a must. So for V3, I think you need some separate options. Nft on another page, on another page. Also, it would be nice if there were some space for NFT artists to use. Accreditation badges would also be appreciated if quality artists received them.

Expectations and suggestions: As a Zks enthusiast, my expectations for Zkswap V3 are always high. Keep V3 user-friendly. And the transaction speed should be faster than other L2 platforms.