#ZKSwap V3 #NFTLog on to the moon

Congratulations to V2. Congratulations in advance on ZKSwap V3. For each Dex V3 there really needs to be greater success. We have seen this in unisWAP V3. With the release of V3, they had even more success

My NFT journey is not that old. At first I just wanted to know why do people pay millions of dollars for just one photo? Then I started working on NFT. Of course, throughout my research history, YouTube has been my best teacher. And THEN I realized that a million wasn’t much. It should be 10-15 million. It’s great to see Zkswap trying to address NFT gas costs and start the market with zkBox. Although NFT currently faces some major problems, I think it can be solved with Zkswap V3.

Your personal experience or insight into NFT design, distribution or trading:

I started trading NFT at the end of 2020. Since then, I have made over 1,000 trades. Currently I am using binance NFT market to trade NFT.

Your current and future NFT development

Vision Nft has many use cases, so it has a future. In the near future, I think NFT will grow more widely.

Your views on the current exposure of the NFT industry
Many quality artists join in casting their NFT, but there are still some problems. Many spammers steal high quality art and fake fake NFT. This should be over.

Your expectations and recommendations for Layer2-based NFT functionality
Keep the features unique and user-friendly so that any user can easily use them

ZKSwap chose the right solution for its technology application by building L2 solutions around the main Ethereum hub. Layer 2 does require NFT. After DeFi boom and NFT boom, NFT L2 boom will start.