#V3 Testnet Feedback# my suggestions

I am a senior user of NFT. I bought many NFTs on opensea a long time ago and made a lot of money from NFT. Recently, the gas cost of eth main network is getting higher and higher. I am also paying attention to NFTs on other chains because they are cheaper, but I am more concerned about layer2 solution. I also experienced it when zkswap V3 test network came out. I have the following feelings, Let me summarize.

The first is the advantages:

  • The page style is fresh and the function is simple and pure

I think the core function of NFT platform is creation and trading. After all, this is a kind of digital art. The most important supply and demand sides of art are artists and buyers. Artists will continue to produce NFT, and buyers will continue to buy NFT to achieve a balance between supply and demand. The role of NFT platform is to enable artists and buyers to communicate, And charge a certain fee from it. Therefore, the core functions must be concise and pure. I saw the most concise and pure NFT mall and NFT creation functions on zkswap.

  • Transactions are cheap

At present, the cost of eth main network is too expensive. Whether it is creating NFT or selling or buying NFT, the gas fee of each transaction is a large fee that ordinary users can hardly bear. In many countries and regions, the handling fee here is even a month’s salary, which is unimaginable and will make many people lose their enthusiasm for NFT art.
The transaction fee on zkswap platform is very low and almost negligible, which is also the biggest advantage of layer2.

  • Transactions are fast

In addition to the high transaction fees, the ETH main network is still very slow and needs to wait for block confirmation. In addition to paying more fees when the block is congested, the transaction may fail, so the fees will be paid in vain. The transaction speed on zkswap is very fast. After clicking confirm, I have already closed the transaction before I even react. Each transaction is not crowded, and I can buy or sell NFT at any time. This experience is great.

  • Large number of users and active transactions

After using zkswap for a few days, I found that the number of users is very large recently. Many newly created NFTs will join the mall every day, which is very important for the platform. Imagine that if users log in to the platform every day and find that there is no new content, they will lose fun and gradually stop using the platform. However, in the NFT mall, there will be people sharing and creating interesting works all the time, which will attract more and more users and form a positive cycle and economies of scale.

Let’s talk about the shortcomings and my suggestions:

  • There is no audit mechanism and there are many inferior works

As mentioned earlier, creators and buyers are very important for the NFT platform, so we also need enough high-quality content to attract everyone to buy. Although the users on zkswap are active enough, we can see that the works in the mall are mainly pirated and funny, and there are few original works of real artistic value. We need to encourage originality and punish piracy to form a positive cycle.

  • No collections, no high-quality project party

At present, the zkswap platform does not support creation according to series, that is, no well-known project parties come to create NFT works, which is not good news for new traffic. We need more project parties outside the circle or stars with traffic to publish NFT on the platform, which will bring a lot of their fans to buy, so as to further improve the popularity and influence of zkswap.

  • Poor compatibility with eth main network

The zkswap platform provides NFT withdrawal and recharge functions, but according to my use, the compatibility with the ETH main network is not very good at present. The NFT withdrawal I cast on zkswap can not be found after reaching the ETH main network, and it is troublesome to recharge back. It not only needs to manually view and enter the contract address, but also the recharge and withdrawal speed is very slow. This means that NFT on zkswap and NFT on eth main network can not communicate well and quickly. It is not friendly to the liquidity of user assets. I hope it can be strengthened in the future.


At present, zkswap is doing well in the field of layer2. In just a few months, it has made achievements in the field of DEX and soon expanded its support for NFT, which can make a good supplement to expensive eth. I am optimistic about the future of ZKS for a long time and hope the team can cheer up.

my wallet: 0x7040F2DFf85F2461Dd33b885782bd0fcc6825a70