#V3 Testnet Feedback# SpaceBound

After using the Zk-swap Test-net, I am incredibly pleased with how smooth the entire process is. I have bridged over Dai and Eth recently onto layer two platforms and nothing has been as smooth as the experience I had on V3 Test-net, Especially with NFTs! I am an artist and I have been looking for a inexpensive way to put my art on the blockchain for a few years now. This hasn’t been a reality until now because the the cost and the dreadful process that layer 1 causes. The fact that I can just just choose a file from my computer and create a NFT and put it on the blockchain for eternity with almost 0 cost is going to change the way that I can make money and create art for the rest of my life. I had to help my uncle over the phone use the Test-net “and the v2 swap as well” and while being very technologically declined, He was able to navigate the interface and perform functions with ease! That is what I think truly sets Zk-swap apart from other platforms that I have used. The ease of use, the amazing interface, and the cost effectiveness is the trifecta that the industry has been missing! A easy to use swap interface with NFTs held amongst users on the platform would be amazing. for example, if joe wanted to trade a NFT with bob, a integration where Joe or bob could choose the two NFTs on the market place “each owning 1 of the NFTs each of-course” and put them into a swap feature where both parties could sign a transaction in metamask and voila, NFTs are exchanged, As opposed to each party having to purchase each NFT independently. The swap feature is already so incredible and renowned with how cheap and fast the platform executes trades that if this was added to be able to swap NFTs with that same type of execution then I believe this would truly set Zk-swap apart from any and all competition in the space. 0x9ef01c127827253b3891fd3a32644b1d6a47da73